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We understand that bad things happen to good people. Let us help you through a difficult time with free bail bond information. We are available to you 24/7 for any help you need with posting bail.

Get the bail bond information you need
Bail bonds can be a confusing thing, which is why we offer you free bail bond information and answer any questions you have. Whether you are looking to post bail for a friend or family member, call us – we are available 24/7.

Bail bonds that work for your budget
There are a variety of ways in which you can pay for a bail bond. In most cases no collateral is required. Whatever is most convenient for you, we take: cash, credit cards, wire transfers, and even personal checks are accepted upon approval.

Get to Know Liberty Bail Bonds:

  • FAQ – So you need a bail bond - Now what? Answers to your FAQs
  • Fugitive Recovery Agents - Outstanding warrant recovery nationwide
  • Got Job? – Links to state licensing and other bond agent information

Need help from a Fugitive Recovery Agent?
With multiple recovery agents on our staff we’ll go anywhere to recover someone who has skipped on bail or missed their court date. Trust us for outstanding warrant recovery nationwide.

Are you in need of bail bond assistance fast? You can call Liberty Bail Bonds today at 888-496-9636 for free bail bond information and assistance 24 hours a day.

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Liberty Bail Bonds - Bail Bonds - Kelso, WA


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